In the News…Targetti Wins 2 PIA Awards


Targetti announced that two new products introduced this year have both been recognized as 2020 Product Innovation Award (PIA) winners by Architectural SSL magazine. The PIAs recognize outstanding products and product developments relating to innovative LED and solid-state luminaires and fixtures in the architectural specification market.

Targetti’s PIA winners include:

OZ is Targetti’s award-winning magnetic 48V modular system: versatile, intuitive and easy to install. It allows you to create multiple system configurations using magnet connectors and different profile fixing systems. The power track is the heart of the system, and advanced 6mm thick conductive track that winds through space carrying a 48V current on which light units with different beam openings can be attached. The system can be left visible for surface installation to highlight its lightness and technology or housed inside profiles for surface, suspension or recessed installation. Versatile, intuitive, and east to install it makes it possible to create free geometries for ceiling, wall, or suspension installations. Different connectors can be installed on the power track using simple magnets making it possible to combine different modules easily and simple. The various shaped electrical connectors connect the tracks together to create free shapes that develop in three dimensions. Linear, L, T, and X shaped connectors as well as junctions are added to join two tracks together that are installed on two orthogonal planes. All OZ light modules are modular in nature. There are two basic modules, one double the size of the other from which the entire range of modules were developed to equip the system. The range extends from these two modules: fixed, adjustable, and multiple modules. All with two different finishes, three beam openings, and four different color temperatures.

OMEGA is a range of cylindrical diffused opal lensed luminaires for both surface and pendant mount applications that softly illuminate the space and are Title 24 compliant. The light emitted appears soft and widespread, particularly suitable for stair wells, vanities, offices, hotels and common areas, coordinated with the general lighting provided by the suspended version.

The OMEGA Series illustrates a unique union between two pure forms, the round opal cylinder in parallel with the geometric extrusion that has led to the creation of a luminaire family that is both recognizable yet discrete. The opal lens cylinder softly illuminates the space in all dimensions and is available in a surface mount or pendant luminaire. OMEGA Suspension is features the same cylindrical diffused opal lens luminaire in a 83” linear fixture that hangs from stainless steel suspension cables to provide functional, decorative lighting that softly illuminate the space. The light emitted appears soft and widespread, particularly suitable for reception areas in offices, hotels and common areas, coordinated with the specialized lighting provided by the surface mount version. Designed in collaboration with Gensler.

The OMEGA Surface Mount is available in two lengths that can be installed either horizontally or vertically with direct diffused 270º optic. It is ideal to be coordinated with the OMEGA Suspended version for wall and vertical surface illumination.

About PIA Awards

Construction Business Media, headquartered in Chicago, IL, is publisher of Architectural Products and Architectural SSL magazines and host of the ninth annual Product Innovation Awards competition. The PIA awards recognize outstanding products and product developments relating to solid-state lighting. Products—both luminaires and components—and products as applied in projects, that are reviewed by the editorial staff and an expert panel of judges. The award winners ultimately represent a peer-recognized selection of quality products that the architectural and lighting design community can feel comfortable specifying.

OZ 48V Series by Targetti was recently awarded a Product Innovation Award #PIA2020 from Architectural SSL. Many thanks to the judges for recognizing. the functionality and flexibility in this great product.

“The system reimagines what ‘track lighting’ can be!” – Judges comment.

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