Light Art


Thanks to all those who joined Targetti and Oblaney Rinker Associates at the opening night of LightArt at the SL Gallery in May 2018. We had the pleasure of having Giancarlo Castoldi from our Florence office to share his knowledge and history of the art pieces. His personal perspective and explanation of each piece allowed visitors to see the pieces from the artists perspective. Many thanks to all the staff at SL Gallery for their support during the opening night. The pieces remained on exhibit through the month of May in NYC.


The work of light art inspired by Color Theory was on display in New York City on Thursday, December 8th at Architectural Lighting Magazine’s 30th Anniversary Celebration.  This celebratory event highlighted creative works of art and features a special presentation of “Color Wheels”  with the participation of the architectural lighting designers Aleksandra Stratimirovic who, along with Athanassios Danilof, designed the original installation exclusively for Targetti.

“Color Wheels” is the result of the creative flair of lighting designers Alessandra Stratimirovic and Athanassios Danilof from a workshop that used Duralamp LED Durastrip (RGBW), a Targetti brand. It was first introduced during Light + Build and has been a very requested exhibit throughout Europe preceding its demonstration.  It will make its first US debut this December in support of Targetti’s sponsorship of the Architectural Lighting 30th Celebration event.

Color Wheels is comprised of three luminous “wheels” that generate numerous, unexpected chromatic effects that offer insights into the sensory and perceptive aspects of light and color. The visual experience is stimulated by creating successive brightness, hue and saturation hierarchies that are reflected on each circle; while the perceptual process is activated by an attempt to investigate color harmonies and analogies, as well as complimentary, simultaneous and sequential color contrasts and chromatic afterimages. In short, Color Wheels explores the theme of visual perception and its ability to change over time. It is inspired by numerous attempts throughout the course of history by artists, scientists and scholars to organize color and understand it essence. A symblematic example of this is the so-called Color Wheel with its various interpretations.

The celebration of Architectural Lighting Magazine’s 30th year was the ideal occasion  to share to show Color Wheels to a US audience. The special event provided an opportunity to exchange views on an international level with experts from the world of architecture, lighting designers and operators in the North American lighting industry.

If you missed this unique event, please enjoy the photo gallery below.

We hope to schedule a West Coast viewing as well ….so stay tuned.


Color Wheels continues to be on exhibit at a variety of locations around the world.  Be sure to follow on social media where this work of light art can be seen.

    • 10th Anniversary of Belgrade of Light event – September / October 2018
    • Lighting Guerrilla Exhibition at Match Gallery in Ljubljana – June 2018
    • LIGHT” at Vandalorum  in Sweden – May to October 2017