FORTYEIGHT LABEL projectors available in three sizes. Specially designed for applications in the retail, interior and hotel sectors with a simple, minimal shape and small dimensions. All versions utilize remote power supplies to minimize visual impact. A new range with a miniaturized LABEL 2 (Ø0.79″), LABEL 4 (Ø1.57″) and LABEL 6 (Ø2.32″), all equipped with Ra90 LED sources and professional performance.

  • dimensions 1.57" dia.
  • wattage 9W
  • lumens SP - 621Lm
    FL - 806Lm
    MW - 835Lm
  • optics SP / FL / MW
  • color temperature 2700K / 3000K / 4000K
  • voltage 48V
  • ip rating IP20
  • cri Ra90
  • Finishes
  • Driver Remote 48V driver

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